I’d rather be selling than attempting to create a business brand exclusively.

It makes sense to me that if the products and service is good, then the image for the company, the brand, will be enhanced, and will develop in a positive way over time.

img_0322There are products that this won’t work for though. Stuff like insurance, banking, pharmaceutics, and healthcare. Those ‘products’ are non-tangible and non-transparent. I confess that I don’t really like seeing the advertising for them. Obviously those companies spend a ton of money on ads, market research, and understanding demographics etc., but that’s not my thing. I like the word often used by advertisers – ‘authentic’.

I would like to have a part in developing customer awareness and demand for tangible products that are created by small business owners. I’d like to write the technical documentation for some of those products. Mostly because I see how badly many good products are handled by the techie or engineer who thinks they are explaining the products for their customers. There is a lifetime of opportunity for a writer in that area of business communications.

My plan is a simple one. Present the product or service in a clear and simple way. Don’t spend a ton of money and time doing it either. Get the product to market. Then, refine the message over-and-over. Make clear the message. Show the product in images and then describe it again in words.

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