About Ideas and Concepts of Selling 

For the time being I am writing here about ideas or concepts that are both obvious and generic. In a way, I am writing for myself.

The plan for this website is to be an introduction. A spot where I can send potential customers of my own services, to help them to get to know me and my ideas.

img_0680It’s my intention to introduce a very basic form of sales and marketing. One that tells my business customers story and that creates a presence for them in the minds of potential new customers. My hope is to develop a feeling of relationship between those small businesses and the people that they hope to serve. The idea is to develop a sense of personality for the business that might not be present. And once that personality is developed, then to continue to reinforce its existence and to embellish it with positive attributes that make a customer happy with their choice to do business and with a sense of satisfaction and willingness to return.

So this is an experiment for me to. The website isn’t the main thing, but it is probably the glue that will hold the enterprise together. Writing and creating a story line of both photos and narration for small businesses ought to be an enjoyment for me and the customers. I want it to be so. But until we meet and plan, the specifics can’t be developed. So let’s get together and chat. As I say, it should be fun.


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