How should your business story be told?

There are some businesses that benefit from a long and complete narration telling or their origins, their concepts, principles, and the values that they hold dear. But I can’t think that it would be all that effective, only because the customers that they are trying to reach wouldn’t hold their own interest that long. Also, beyond posting to the internet, where would such a story be published?

On your website such a story could live. As a practical matter though, those thoughts wouldn’t likely be effective in a quest for increased interest and subsequent new sales.

Almost all small businesses can benefit from repeated positive exposures to the customers. Information that finds the customers in a less structured way, but continually. Each short exposure to add to the narrative that is written in the customers awareness about the story you are wanting to tell.

A short message of thanks perhaps, with an added expression of purpose. An email. A flyer included with the purchase.

It all depends upon the sort of business that you are.

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