Again About Photos

For certain types of products photos are the best way to convey the important details to the customers. I posted a series of photos showing a camping trailer inside and out. (See that post here). Without any words at all, the potential customer can easily detrermine if the trailer is what they are looking for. Another really good way to show this same trailer for sale would be using a short video.

These let the customer see and imagine the item in their own lives. They can see qualities like cleanliness and condition that can’t adequately be expressed using words alone.

Author: PO'B

I am a writer with an interest in conveying meaning for customers through the development of storytelling about the business. This can be told with narrative, with photos, and with videos. Those are my interests. My history is in commercial construction. There I sold, managed, and developed business opportunities for large projects like airports, hospitals, museums, hotels, and the like. My wife and I travel. We have traveled through Europe many times, but we are closer to home now. We are using our camping trailer and our pickup truck to visit and enjoy the southeast at the moment. We shoot north or to the mountains in the really hot summer months, but we like the coastline too. We’re having a great time.

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