Advertising with Adwords

It may be that I am like other small businesses, in that I, as the business owner, I find advertising difficult to do, when it concerns my own services. It seems to be a hesitation that’s both financial, but also personal. It seems presumptuous in a sense to broadcast my own story. Maybe this is a good thought and experience to discuss with my own customers, when we make contact.

At any rate, I’ve started advertising and anticipate that my website will start getting hits. 

The site is new. Google hasn’t found it yet, or doesn’t rank it highly if it has. That will change with time and with increased activity. I’ve created several websites and blogs over the last several years and find this to be normal.

The website is intended to tell my story. The service that I am promoting is intangible so photos aren’t quite so impactful, but they do help in conveying meaning to my words. They also draw in the reader sometimes. 

I am not totally convinced that Google Adwords will create the awareness that my service needs, but nevertheless thought that it might be a worthwhile addition to my own sales efforts. I’ll share what happens with you. 


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