Use PDF Files To Share With The Customer


images-1Many businesses have technical data associated with their products and that matters to the customers. Things like dimensions, horsepower ratings, VOC’s, and hundreds of other metrics that make or break the transaction from the customers point of view. Their real needs.

Consider developing PDF formatted files that can be stored and printed on demand. That can be modified as the product evolves to conform with the market. Share these with the customers.

How Do You Look To Others?

Have you ever considered how the outside world perceives your business?

Interesting and artistic, or cluttered and tired looking?

Perception is very important. Customers aren’t going to want to do business with you if they have negative views. It isn’t important what you believe, what matters is what they think.

You might think of your storefront as quaint and homey. The customer though might think of it as tired and dirty. Certainly this matters. Understand it.

Still, perception can be modified by suggestion or even by admission. Telling the customer that you understand their viewpoint helps them to feel welcomed and will allow them to reevaluate the business with friendlier eyes.

Advertising with Adwords

It may be that I am like other small businesses, in that I, as the business owner, I find advertising difficult to do, when it concerns my own services. It seems to be a hesitation that’s both financial, but also personal. It seems presumptuous in a sense to broadcast my own story. Maybe this is a good thought and experience to discuss with my own customers, when we make contact.

At any rate, I’ve started advertising and anticipate that my website will start getting hits. 

The site is new. Google hasn’t found it yet, or doesn’t rank it highly if it has. That will change with time and with increased activity. I’ve created several websites and blogs over the last several years and find this to be normal.

The website is intended to tell my story. The service that I am promoting is intangible so photos aren’t quite so impactful, but they do help in conveying meaning to my words. They also draw in the reader sometimes. 

I am not totally convinced that Google Adwords will create the awareness that my service needs, but nevertheless thought that it might be a worthwhile addition to my own sales efforts. I’ll share what happens with you. 

Small Businesses – Welcome!

The fort at St. Augustine, Florida

In a previous post I mentioned that we’re located on the Florida Panhandle between Tallahassee and Panama City Florida. It’s my intention to attempt to sell my services throughout this area. That was my reason for mentioning location.

However, much of my business service is able to be handled at a distance. The intent is not to limit our involvement to only local or regional businesses. Any small business that feels that our services could be beneficial and wants to review ideas with me is most welcome. Please call me (8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST) or email!

With regard to regional business: I don’t know how far is too far. At the moment I am feeling like it would be enjoyable to travel all of North Florida and throughout Southern Georgia and Alabama as well. Those are reachable without too much effort. The business effort isn’t a site related activity. Once we’ve communicated, and I’ve a good sense for the business activities involved, much of the work is done on line and through email or postings to cloud services. So proximity isn’t a major factor. We can walk you through that if it’s unfamiliar territory for you.

The point is: You can always give me a call, and we can kick around your needs and thoughts. If it doesn’t work out – so be it. But relax and call. Let’s see what’s possible.