Google Drive and the Cloud

The last post that I want to write about using the Cloud for your sales and marketing efforts has to do with using Google Drive.

googledriveI would guess that this is the most ubiquitous of the three programs I have mentioned in my previous posts, although all three are very well known and used by perhaps millions of people.

Google Drive has one very compelling advantage, in that it is free. There is a business class set up, but most small timers are served well by the free version. It has many useful features and several ways to organize your documents. The search function is powerful and helpful if you can’t find the document that you want. If you know some of the content, or know something else unique to the file you can search and find what you’re looking for.

Like Evernote and Dropbox, Google Drive is available pretty much on any device and on multiple systems. Also, like the others, it is available to you anywhere you might be, which is a benefit that many of us forget didn’t exist just a few years ago. Being able to pull up a price list for review with a customer in a coffee shop, or out on the lot looking at equipment or vehicles, is a very real benefit.

Another feature of Google Drive is the close association it has with Googles Apps like Google Docs (word processing), and Google Sheets (spreadsheets), and others like Google Forms, Maps, and Slides. I like that I can write in Google Docs and send drafts of that writing to clients without any special efforts for example. So there is a lot of functionality in the Google system that comes at little cost to the users.


At present in my own Google Drive I am using 35 megabits of 117 gigabits available to me. So it’s unlikely that a small business would outgrow the drive capacity; although photos, videos, and such can fill up the capacity. Much of my own use if for text files which don’t use up much space.

Google Drive is a folder based system. You can color code and put together visual organization on the screen with folders in folders etc., much like a computer hard drive. You can store all sorts of documents, not just Google app docs. Microsoft Word & Excel, PDF files, Apple Pages etc. are all storable. I used to store large PDF files with building “blueprint” drawings and multi-thousand page specification documents without problem, although they did take awhile to move about and open and close. Don’t forget that YouTube is part of Google and fits nicely with the whole system.

I have used Google Drive in business for several years. It’s a good and recommended system for small business in my opinion. For sales and marketing it is surely a good place to store and retrieve your information.

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