Evening view from Port St. Joe Florida’s boat harbor.

There hasn’t been a ground swell of interest in my writing and photo business so far. That’s okay with me though. I am just trying to find a good way to use my talents without getting into a big commitment of time or structure in my life. I like the idea of writing and helping some smaller companies to achieve their goals – especially profit goals – but I understand that they are not likely to be looking on the internet for solutions. If I’m going to impact their business I’ll have to get out and sell. To a lot of people that might be off-putting, but I like selling and meeting people. What I am not totally sure about is my own commitment to getting that business. How much business do I want to deal with? I am pretty confident that I can sell the concept and am comfortable with the sales effort, but I do tend to sell to much. Once I start I’m afraid that I’ll feel like lightening up. So I need to get my thoughts straight and a strategy in place. As the title here states: “What Do I Want?”

As I suspected, this website is a sort of touchstone. A place were I can explain my thoughts and perhaps demonstrate some proficiency, but by itself it won’t close deals.

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  1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. A blog can help demonstrate your proficiency in something but on it’s own its not a selling tool. I include a link to my blog on my business cards, share it on my Facebook page, Instagram account and also have a link in my email signature. If someone hasn’t met me personally then my blog gives them a chance to get to know me and my work a little better. Getting out to meet people gives me the opportunity to gather email addresses and connect via social media. I’m not so good at picking up the phone after I meet someone to try and get meetings – I’m much better at connecting other ways.

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