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There are a lot of useful books and articles that have been written and published relating to starting a small business. There are fewer, but still a lot, that work through the ongoing process of running a small business. They will go through the ideas of sound business management and review accounting and other issues. You can learn something from those, but whatever talent is developed it is generic. It doesn’t exactly apply to each and every small business.


I would argue that these learned talents are for nought without plenty of paying customers. In those books and articles there is plenty of talk about revenue and such, but not so much help when it comes to developing a strong customer base, and a positive relationship with the customers. Revenue comes from people (customers); it isn’t merely an accounting concept. You know that of course. It isn’t a fault of those authors, the solutions are always quite unique and special for each business. There aren’t generalities that will work well in developing your customer base. So it is hard for a book author to write usefully about it.

That is my interest and my business, to help develop new customers and repeating customers.

That’s what this is all about. That is my interest and my business, to help develop new customers and repeating customers. This isn’t just a website, it’s a hands on effort. Customers who associate themselves with your business in positive ways, and who want to buy from you – that’s the goal.

This website gives you a sense for the means and methods that are on offer.

I enjoy myself and want the business owner, and their customers, to feel comfortable and well served by the information presented, to grow their relationship and understanding for each other.

And always we stress, presenting opportunities to consider the products and services available with each customer contact.