Photos Tell Your Story


A simple photo tells a story of pleasant surroundings and comfort for the customer.

Capture the essence of the product or service that your business provides using photos. Attempt to convey the hoped for purpose and perhaps aspiration to your customers. Show clear and specific reasons for the customers to want to buy what you sell.

Don’t let perfection get in the way of telling your story with photos. On a limited budget, using your own efforts, work at reasonably good imagery, but always progress. Show what needs to be shown. Develop a theme. Use a current digital camera or smartphone. Work on the setting for, and the aspect of the shot. Use the lighting to good affect.

If a professional photographer is affordable and desired, use those services. But! Whatever is necessary, move forward with the promotion that’s required. Start simply and affordably; refine and improve when you can.

Sometimes a good snapshot can be more authentic, and more affective, than a highly structured professional effort. Remember: Something is better than nothing.

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