State Park RV Camping with our Pickup Truck and Camping Trailer

We like our Florida State Parks. They are well maintained, have great locations and amenities, and they are very affordable for residence of the state. We camp in state parks often.

A lot of the state parks that we’ve visited were built in the middle of the last century. Most camping was done in smaller vehicles and in tents back at the time when those places were designed. What we’ve noticed is that a fair amount of the spaces that are now designated for trailers and other RV’s have limitations for length of the unit. Many seem to limit the trailer to 25′. There are a lot of exceptions to that rule, but what we find is that there are more opportunities to find a good site in the location that we desire if we limit our size. Since we really like camping in such locations it seems to work best for us to maintain an overall trailer length that is less than 25′. I am sure that there are many who will disagree with our logic. I am just explaining the thought – right or wrong.

It frankly is a combination of thoughts that go along with having an affordable solution and that is easier for me to tow and back in to the allotted spaces for the trailer. So the whole thought is what works for us. We’re comfortable with our current unit which is about 23’ including the tongue. The trailer would need to be quite a bite larger to add enough value for us to upgrade.

Admittedly, we are just a couple. A family would be constrained in a trailer unit sized like ours. But in that case I would be looking at a hybrid unit with fold out bed areas. They seem to be a good compromise and keep the overall trailer length reasonable for towing and backing into the tight camping locations talked about earlier.

Obviously, based upon the sale of fifth-wheel and appreciably longer trailer units many families see this differently. What works for you is what’s important. Trucks and trailers are always going to be a balancing act compared to home. We just thought to explain how we arrived at our own setup.