One Business and Its Images

guest-rm-entryRecently I have been contemplating the use of a few of my proposals and the various images that I captured and used to promote additional sales. I hesitate only because what I was promoting was slightly different from what many small business owners are selling. My business was in commercial contracting, and I specialized in decorative stone, granite, terrazzo, and ceramic tile. Our promotions were directed at large scale developers, owners agents for government agencies, and construction managers on a regional scale (multi-state).

I will try to post a couple of these and see if I can walk through the thinking and also why I think that there are lessons within those efforts that scale to smaller businesses and businesses that are vastly different then this.

It seemed important to create this post as a prequel to what’s to come. I’d like to emphasis that we should be looking at how to take ideas from these proposals, rather than over-think the particulars of that singular business model.

Let’s see how this goes…

The picture depicts tile work we installed with a granite threshold at each of the 1,000 plus typical rooms in this luxuary hotel. Here is a link if you would like to see more about the hotel itself.

Photo Quality

I used a photo taken with my iPhone on the cover of one of my ebooks. It is enough to clearly convey the purpose and meaning of the book.

I like taking photos with my iPhone 6. The results are almost always acceptable. Some of the newer phones are even better, but the iPhone 6 and that generation of devices have hit a point were I feel the results are well within reason for promotion of products and services in small business.

If there is a bigger budget for photography it might be better applied to the distribution efforts for the message that is being conveyed. That budget is almost always an issue.

Certainly there are exceptions to this thought. I just can’t conceive of the situation though, for a small business on a small budget, where that would apply. Perhaps if the business owner is a photo buff. Someone that has the equipment and the inclination for a more perfect outcome artistically. Remember though that higher density digital photos require more to store and more time to load on line. So tradeoffs are required for real professional grade photos. Expertise is another matter. A good photographer can made any shot better by considering lighting and the set up for the shot.

What we’re trying to achieve is familiarity and positive empathy toward the business. Decent photos that tell the story are among the tools needed – they aren’t the goal.