The premise we are working upon is that there is a fairly large audience or reader base for a website and a blog that concentrates its focus upon trucks, trailers, tools, and toys such as quads , motorcycles, trailered boats, water jet skis and the like. The constant being that these items are all loosely associated with the trucks and trailers that make the activity possible. The idea is to research and explore both entertainment activity and work activities, as long as they are somehow associated with a pickup truck, a trailer, or even a van.

Surely there are many thousands of people, mostly men I would think, who are using these vehicles and the accessories that we are writing about. I am somewhat surprised that there aren’t several independent sites already being published for this reader base. Certainly there are a lot of trucks in my area, the Florida Panhandle, with modifications to the trucks to add custom wheels, dual exhaust systems, oversized and aggressive tires, lift kits, and lots of engine upgrades. Those same trucks are often pulling some sort of trailer.

To me, that means that there is a story to be told about any of these changes. There’s an aspiration on the part of the owner of the vehicle. They are doing, or wanting to do, something a little different than their neighbors. These are people who are living interesting lives. They have a story and often they are happy to tell it. We at Images & Narrative want to find those stories and tell them. We also have to make the readers aware that the stories, the articles about equipment and vehicles, are here for them.

Additionally, we need to present this mix to people in the industry. People in manufacturing and at dealerships. There are also custom shops. There are welders, upholstery shops, engine shops for repairs and for high performance. There are tire retailers and their suppliers. Shops for custom wheels, and all the components to raise and to lower the trucks. Exhaust systems, and shops to add those to a vehicle correctly. The list of components is long and the reasons to swap them for OEM parts is longer still.

For the reasons above, we have opportunities to write, to research, and to conduct interviews of the smart people in the industries that we’ve chosen. Maybe it’s too much, but that’s okay. The thing that solidifies the broad spectrum for these topics is our reader base. It all makes sense to them. They need the information about all the subjects involved to follow through on the ideas to which they aspire.

Earlier I mentioned that most of our readers likely would be men. In actuality though I don’t know that as a fact. It will be interesting to see what the gender percentages will be. As writers we are taught to write for a particular reader. So we create an image of who that is. What the reader does for a living, what they do for fun, their approximate age, and their gender, among other factors. I do suspect that interest will be mostly from males. So I imagine that there will be articles and blog posts that are written for male viewpoints.

Maybe a more interesting perspective will be our readers purchasing power. Their disposable income. Another point will be with regard to their interests within the spectrum of topics we’ve mentioned. I wonder if we’ll get it right immediately?

I am hoping to attract a variety of writers with deeper expertise depending upon the topic being covered. Persons in the industry, or in specialized shops, that can add real value for the readers. Inevitably, our stories and topics will need several different viewpoints to round out the various possibilities. So we will need contributing writers. We really hope you’re out there and want to share those stories and tips.

So, who is our reader? What’s their background, their age, their sport or special interest? Is work more important to them than leisure pursuits? We can’t say at the moment. Let’s find out together.